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  1. New frontloading flap over €8bn clearing threshold

    But should this come from parliament pushing back on the proposals, or should the focus be on getting the EC to touch up the draft prior to submitting it to parliament and the European Council? The logistical problems are severe, says Phil Lloyd...

  2. Creative Link Prospecting: Following a News Story

    Here’s how Majestic SEO report the blog’s backlinks discovery rate – and that of the Argyll and Bute Council, and ‘Mary’s Meals’ a charity supported by young Martha. Nothing special in that – it only turned into a major news story when the local...

  3. Risk managers debate at Energy Risk USA conference

    Jess Totten, director of competitive markets at the Public Utility Commission of Texas, discussed how the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has dealt with the integration of wind energy. To see video interviews with several of the key...

  4. Energy firms face capital adequacy squeeze

    The changes include the establishment of a new council of "systemic risk" regulators to monitor growing risks in the financial system and to give regulators new powers to oversee the derivatives market.

  5. EU regulators ready to act in concert?

    But the council, representing the interests of member states, would prefer to retain as much power as possible with national supervisors, with the Esas taking on a stronger co-ordination role but remaining in their current locations.

  6. The dangers of a more liquid gold market

    Of the 3,455.4 tonnes of identifiable demand in 2009, jewellery accounted for 1,758.9 tonnes, according to the World Gold Council (WGC), an industry association. In Europe, the interest is coming mainly from institutional buyers – although not from...

  7. Google on Global Search Standards: Thanks, But No Thanks

    The technology is called ACAP, which stands for "automated content access protocol," and has been developed by a consortium of media trade organizations, including the European Publishers Council, the International Publishers Association and the...

  8. Making apples from pears

    Incompatible national discretions provide a familiar explanation for council and parliamentary intransigence. Harbour also criticises the Council for their absence: "The council took a long time to come up with a common position.

  9. Solvency II - Compromise in sight on draft directive

    However, the four sticking points must be dealt with under the so-called Lamfalussy Level 2 process, via the Council of Europe (currently led by Slovenia) and a committee of the EU Parliament chaired by Solvency II lead rapporteur, Peter Skinner.

  10. Beyond the blueprint

    The Asean Banking Council - comprising banking association executives from the 10 Asean nations - agreed in November to establish an external loss database for member countries. The nature of banking is different and specific to the region, which...

  11. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    Publishers Council (EPC); the European Newspaper Publishers Association (ENPA); the International Publishers Association (IPA); the European Federation of Association of Newspapers and the European Publishers Council are planning a project which...