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Costs q3 2012

  1. Google Shopping Beats Amazon Product Ads on Costs, Traffic, Not Conversion Rate [Study]

    Google Shopping's shift to paid cost per click (CPC) listings shook the ecommerce world this year, and similarly affected its performance metrics compared to the other comparison shopping engines (CSEs), most notably Amazon Product Ads.

  2. Mobile Consumer Spending: Big Data Insights for Holiday Retailers

    Then, go a step further by promoting favorable shipping terms for shoppers from regions where delivery costs won’t be extremely high. Make international shipping policies and processes as clear as possible for each country, factoring in fixed costs.

  3. Facebook Click-Through Rates Increase, Costs Per Click Down 20-40% in Q3

    Two reports out just ahead of Facebook’s Q3 2012 earnings call paint a picture of plummeting CPCs for ads on the social network. The average cost per click for Facebook ads in Canada and the US has fallen back to 2010 levels, according to TBG Digital.