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  1. Google AdWords Search Funnels Attribution Modeling: Think Hard Before You Act

    By choosing one that fits better with the behavior of your users you can see which of your touchpoints were costing you a lot of money that was better spent elsewhere. You may have read about the introduction of attribution modeling into AdWords.

  2. Unlock Powerful Insights With This Complex AdWords Retargeting Process

    However, after everything was fixed by the AdWords technical folks, these search retargeting campaigns began to act as 'black holes' for the affected searches, preventing branded ads from showing to paid members and dropping the percent of branded...

  3. Managing Management Effectively: 5 Amazing Tactics That Can Be Harnessed for Agency or In-House PPC

    How much it is costing you. If you were to ask the most successful pay-per-click experts around, they’d tell you that in addition to “knowing your stuff” well, what really makes the difference to success is learning to manage management effectively.

  4. PRWEb and PitchEngine: SEO Smart/SMO Sexy Newsmakers

    Ranges from free to subscriptions costing from $19 to $99/month. For brands, publishing news to a paid wire service reaching traditional media and search engines is nothing new. But two companies bubble to the top, offering SEO and SMO savvy ways...

  5. Facebook Mobile Ads a Hit for Investors, But What About Marketers?

    How much is that click costing my company, and is it worth it? It may be a bit early for marketers to buy into the hype and do a happy dance, though. It was only a few weeks ago that Facebook launched mobile-only ads, allowing marketers to purchase...