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  1. Poor liquidity stalls long-dated Thai derivatives market

    Long-dated bonds involve a funding cost here because the client buys a 25 or 30 year paper but settles in only two or three years, so there is a funding gap that we are able to finance through our balance sheet while the client keeps the credit...

  2. KBC Asset Management offers step-up payout and Smart Start

    This product type has been a big success for KBC, and has been an effective bridge in the process of persuading investors to let go of full capital protection. KBC Group has also built up a network of affiliates across central and eastern Europe...

  3. US bilateral margin rules: a hit parade of horrors

    The only way out of this is for banks to wipe the slate clean themselves by entering into a new master agreement for all trades concluded after the effective date of the margin requirements – a dodge helpfully laid out in the proposals.

  4. Google: Top Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness by 6.6% [Study]

    The price of a search ad versus a more traditional method of advertising is much more cost-effective. Another item to consider is cost. Traditionally, the value in search advertising has always been centered on increases in click-through rates and...