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Cost Benefit Analysis

  1. US bilateral margin rules: a hit parade of horrors

    But this would also create two buckets of trades with each counterparty, thus losing some of the available netting benefit. Regulators explain their thinking in the US proposals, publishing an analysis of 4,686 cleared interest-rate swap portfolios...

  2. DoubleClick Adds Optimization, Reporting Tools to Search Commerce Suite

    In addition, DoubleClick says bid optimization for Shopping campaigns benefit from up-to-the-minute conversion data, which means brands can use fresher data to more closely track to promotion goals. In the past, figuring out if your search...

  3. SEO Website Audits: Everything You Need to Know Part II

    Small business owners can also benefit greatly from this type of audit, but they need to understand it is in an investment, not an expense. These, however, are usually charged as an extra benefit and since they are usually based on the skill and...

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Note: An ROI of 1 or 100% implies you'd get back what you put into it, while CBA, also sometimes known as Cost-Benefit Analysis, has a $0 "break even" point. Evaluate and compute estimated benefit and cost values.

  5. Big Data: An Introduction for Search Marketers

    Traditional SaaS still doesn’t connect the cost to the benefit. The largest paid search marketers have agencies and developers create proprietary bidding management and performance analysis applications in order to maximize their return on investment.