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  1. Connecting Content to ROI Is Critical in 2014, Say 78% of Search Marketers [Survey]

    We believe that promotions and pay rises are correlated to results more than years of experience. Where do we get our data? And, "How do we further our marketing careers? The survey report, released this week, touches on questions in several areas...

  2. Big Data = Big Trouble: How to Avoid 5 Data Analysis Pitfalls

    If one action causes another, then they are most certainly correlated. I first heard the term big data about two years ago, when IBM and HP started running big data print ads as a conditioning tactic to prepare the marketplace for its (then) soon...

  3. Branded Videos Shared More Than 500,000 Times Every 24 Hours

    Ultimately, enjoyment of the video correlated positively with all tested brand metrics in the sales funnel, including brand favorability and final purchase intent. Unruly currently tracks 506,976 "shares" of online video ads every 24 hours.

  4. LivePerson Says Bouncing is Single Worst Action a User Can Take

    Whilst currently it is in "black box" mode Zelenko shared some insight into its inner workings, "The common misconception is that that there is a strong correlation between time on site and page views per users, when actually they is a lot of...