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  1. Oil & Products House of the Year: Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking

    The company was looking to obtain a credit line to fund development costs on one of the world’s largest new oil finds in Ghana’s deep water. One of the longest standing players in the oil derivatives market, with over 20 years’ experience, Société...

  2. On the move

    He currently runs the AsiaClear platform, which clears over-the-counter oil and freight derivatives, as well as leading the clearing and commodities departments.He succeeds acting head of operations Vincent Fernando, who left the exchange in...

  3. SearchDay: Oil and Water? SEOs vs. Content Owners

    Oil and Water? Establishing A Process for Implementation of Optimized Content Aug 7, 2008 This thread is for discussion related to the SEW Crossfire Column published today: Oil and Water? Content Owners SEM CROSSFIRE When it comes to bringing an...

  4. SEW Experts: Oil and Water? SEOs vs. Content Owners

    In today's Search Marketing Crossfire column, "Oil and Water? When it comes to bringing an outside SEO consultant in, content owners need to pay attention to the role corporate politics and the review process play in planning SEO projects.