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  1. Korea’s FTC Acquits Google of Antitrust Charges

    Before and after Google's push to force the preload of the Android operating system, its domestic market share remains almost unchanged at around 10 percent, while Naver (the portal of NHN) still maintains more than 70 percent," an FTC official said.

  2. S. Korean Companies Claim Google's Android Blocking Competing Search Apps

    The two companies alleging anti-competitive behavior are NHN Corp.operator of Naver, South Korea's most popular search engine, and Daum Communications Corp. Google has a 20 percent mobile market share in South Korea, despite only having 2 percent...

  3. Yahoo!'s Overture Korea Renews With Top Korean Engine Naver

    Naver is owned by NHN Corp.and was launched in June, 1999. announced it has resigned their agreement to provde Naver, Korea's leading search portal, with their sponsored search listings. Overture Korea and Naver have been partnered since Q3 2004...