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Core Competency

  1. Government SEO is Broken

    If the federal government is serious about moving toward a more accessible and effective tomorrow, building-in SEO competency is a crucial step on the journey. Government Agencies s likely that agencies will have top ranking for core keywords...

  2. Google Announces New Approach to Working with Ad Agencies

    Advanced-level exams to highlight competency in search, display, reporting and analysis To show up in advertiser searches through Google Partner Search, agencies must opt in and fill in details about their core attributes and capabilities.

  3. Landing Page Optimization -- Insource or Outsource?

    Some companies consider online marketing in general, and landing page optimization in particular, as functions that aren't part of their core competency. If your company feels strongly one way or the other, then the decision to insource or...

  4. Search Marketers Stock in Trade? Not Trading Stocks.

    The belief that changing bids is our core competency relegates search budgets to the back of the line. Despite -- or maybe because of -- my background, I don't understand why there’s a desire to connect the core competency of search marketers to...