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  1. Google to Fight Piracy by Modifying Search Algorithms

    The update will mean piracy sites are less likely to appear when people search for music, films, and other copyrighted content. Google has updated its search engine algorithms in an attempt to restrict piracy websites appearing high in its search...

  2. Google Wins Book Lawsuit: Judge Rules Digitization Service 'Fair Use'

    Google has emerged victorious in its eight-year battle for its Books service, with a judge ruling that Google's use of copyrighted material was allowed under fair use. The case, brought against Google by The Authors Guild, has been running since...

  3. How to Find Free Images With Google's Advanced Image Search

    Snagging copyrighted images can get you into a heap of trouble. There are several benefits to doing this, with the most important being to capture the attention of many more readers by giving your words a boost with a little visual appeal.

  4. Google: Nearly 6 Million Requests to Remove Search Results This Month

    Google received almost 6 million URL search removal requests in the last month as copyright holders continue their fight against sites offering copyrighted content for download. Google revealed the extent of the search removal requests in the...

  5. Google: Sites With More DMCA Takedown Requests Will Rank Lower in Search Results

    The company noted that it will only penalize sites which have received valid takedown notices from rights holders and that Google itself will not be judging whether a site is infringing on copyrighted content.

  6. Google Copyright URL Removal Requests Top 1.2 Million

    Before this month Google only reported on government requests to take down copyrighted information, but starting in May they started reporting on copyright holder's requests. Google receives more than 250,000 requests to take down URLs accused of...

  7. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    This could happen when something might have been copied pursuant to fair use, or by the actions of someone providing user generated content (for example, in a comment on a blog, a post on a forum, a video that includes part or all of a copyrighted...

  8. Google Books Makes a Deal with France's Top Publisher

    The agreement will allow Google to digitize and scan books from Hachette's library of copyrighted but out-of-print texts, The New York Times reported. Google has reached an agreement with France's largest publishing company, Hachette Libre.