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  1. Google Doodle Honors Schrödinger's Cat Creator Erwin Schrödinger

    The experiment, which is often referred to as a paradox, demonstrates how there was conflict in applying the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics to every day objects. A Google Doodle today celebrates Erwin Schrödinger, a Nobel Prize...

  2. Mobile Search Discovers a New Path: mobilepeople

    One company mentioned, but deserving of a closer look, is Copenhagen, Denmark-based mobilepeople. In "Location-Based Services: Discovering Old and New Paths," we looked at a few mobile startups that are blurring the boundaries of mobile local search.

  3. Machines in Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of SElectric Sheep?

    Instead you might choose to download a few presentations from "Machine Translation Summit XI" in Copenhagen, Denmark. You're invited to fly your team first class to "Machine Translation Summit XI" in Copenhagen, Denmark, at CST (Center for...

  4. Daily SearchCast, June 16, 2006: Bill Gates Stepping Back At Microsoft; Eric Schmidt Speaks On Google Issues; Google Gets Dayparting & More!

    Roadshow Copenhagen Sept.rd The event is to take place on Saturday 23rd of September 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Riya shifts focus to web image search; makes it easier to see your search results and more!