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Cool Satellite Images

  1. Governments Ask Google to Turn a Blind Eye

    There is not a Google Satellite or MSN Satellite orbiting the earth. Other Databases for Aerial and Satellite Imagery Other tools and aerial that make aerial/satellite imagery available: Some of those incredibly detailed aerial images available...

  2. Cool! 3-D Imagery of the Moon Now Available via NASA's World Wind

    Computer programmers at NASA Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley originally designed the World Wind program to deliver satellite images and data of Earth to the Internet.We have just digested the best of the Clementine images, so...

  3. Google Desktop Search 2 Offers New Sidebar Widgets, Outlook Integration & More

    I'm looking forward to seeing the plug-ins that combine the sidebar with Google Maps and satellite imagery. Photos: Images from whatever folder(s) you store images in are accessible. Do they really want or need all of these cool services?

  4. The Search Engine Report - Number 103

    The service is promised to provide satellite images with 45-degree-angle views of buildings and neighborhoods, images with street map overlays and the ability to add local data layers, such as showing local businesses or restaurants.

  5. Satellite/Aerial Images Plus Local Info

    With all of the interest in satellite and aerial images these days I thought TerraFly, a service from Florida Int. Terrafly not only offers interactive satellite/aerial images but also provides local info for most of these images.