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Cookie Cutter

  1. 6 Crucial Link Building Strategies to Drive Quality Traffic

    An update to the Webmaster Guidelines last month put cookie-cutter guest posts in the same category as scraped content. Getting traffic to one's site -- and quality traffic at that -- is probably one of the most overarching objectives of any SEO...

  2. Thin Content With Little or No Added Value Manual Action: Google on How to Fix It

    But many of them are simply cookie-cutter type sites where it is similar to many other sites out there. It really means that if you get this warning, your site just isn't serving the best possible quality of content for your visitors, primarily...

  3. Visual PR Secrets: Content Power Tips and Social Publishing Trends

    Experts agree that in order to get noticed and win the social newsfeed war, you don't have to break the bank or fall into the cookie cutter stock photography trap. If there was a recipe for social PR news success, it would call for a dash of...

  4. PPC Landing Pages: Surprising Examples

    Though it's another cookie-cutter ad from shopping engine Shopzilla, it's a little snappier, and includes correct punctuation and capitalization, as well as benefits and a call to action. Part of the problem is that this ad, like the others below...

  5. Winning the Local Search Battle - Part 2

    If you employ local content pages for each of your office/branch/locations, don't simply create cookie cutter pages with duplicated material along with a local name, address, and telephone. Let's start with what is not local search.

  6. Sales and Your Search Marketing Agency - Part 2

    To stand out, make it obvious they're not buying a cookie-cutter package. There are many challenges involved in selling search marketing services, including the different types of prospects, how to thrive in a competitive marketplace, and whether...

  7. Content is Dead, Community is King?

    These are common tactics that appear on "must do" search engine optimization lists, but it's not a cookie-cutter world. It's almost magical when visitors return to your site just because they can find appropriate experts or like-minded people there.

  8. Nonprofits Fume over Congressional E-mail Barrier

    The thing is, the steady onslaught in cookie-cutter messages sent through advocacy group Web sites is taking up more and more time to wade through. Advocacy groups are up-in-arms over a new e-mail obstacle congressional offices have enabled.