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  1. Google Display Ads on Mobile Devices: How to Avoid the Erroneous Clicks of Children

    Conversion rates barely had a heartbeat. Conversion rates on PCs weren’t as strong as they should have been but tablets were a major issue. In general, I have found that tablets have weaker conversion rates than PCs.

  2. 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

    How to Use this Segment: Apply to any conversion-oriented report to look at differences in conversion rates, conversion paths and different content consumed along the way for people on the free trial versus people who haven't yet tried your...

  3. Actionable Insights You Can Find in Google Analytics Multi-Channel Reports

    Of course, this isn't true for every client, but it provided us the data we needed to set appropriate ad fatigue rates for our display and better optimize our retargeted search campaigns to understand our CPC cannibalization tolerance.

  4. Marketers Talk Hummingbird, '(Not Provided)' & More Ahead of SES Chicago 2013

    For more information, click on rates and registration details. I would say this means we would need to reply more on Webmaster Tools and also on actual conversion data. MD: Create an easier AdWords experience as the AdWords enhanced campaigns are...

  5. Marketing Automation & Search – 3 Strategies for Mutual Success

    This will dramatically increase your conversion rates. You probably know a conversion occurred, but don't know who converted. Conversion and Dynamic Pages Doing this will increase the stickiness of the internal pages and dramatically increase the...