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Conversion Conference Agenda

  1. Search and Social Marketing Olympians Compete for ROI Gold at SES London

    See the SES London 2012 agenda overview here. And on that very subject, Ben Jesson of Conversion Rate Experts will also be giving his views on why this is so important. We coined the term CRO (conversion rate optimization) in 2007 to describe the...

  2. SES Toronto Adds Copywriting, Landing Page and Twitter Sessions

    With just a week to go, largest search engine marketing conference in Canada today announced the addition of copywriting, landing page and Twitter sessions to the already packed conference agenda. In a press release distributed this morning...

  3. Did-It Does It Again - Uninformed Controversy As Publicity

    Widgets and Gadgets - okay at this stage I know Steve spent no time reading the agenda for this conference. Mobile Marketing Strategies" and "SearchAppalooza - Kick-Ass Apps Contest & Talking Search Beyond Google" jump off the conference agenda.

  4. SES New York Veterans Don't Need No Schedule Optimization

    A quick look at the conference agenda will reassure them that there is enough content to make a return trip worthwhile. Over the years, I've seen the changes in the search engine industry reflected in the new content added to the agenda each year.

  5. Enter Today To Win an Extreme Makeover at SES New York 2009

    I'll take a closer look at the SES New York conference agenda next week, but there is one deadline that you don't want to miss. Conversion experts Bryan Eisenberg, Tim Ash and Ethan Giffin will perform 3 makeovers during their Extreme Makeover...