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  1. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    Generally, though, your rates of paid conversion and return are lower than with organic. Have an expert review your account once a month or so and see where you are losing money. Paid methods are items such as Google AdWords (the sections of the...

  2. The Hidden Skill Every PPC Manager Should Possess: Sleuthing

    Initially, we started with elements within our direct control, the AdWords account, but as we pushed to find the root cause of the problem, our sleuthing led us to an unconventional conclusion. The conversion rates for raw leads (individuals who...

  3. 5 SEM Spying Strategies You Can Use Today to Generate More Profit

    One of the questions we often ask ourselves is: what does my competitors AdWords account structure look like? In this example there are 37 other keywords that are grouped with this ad which can shed some light on their AdWords account structure.