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  1. FriendFeed Updates Search Functionality

    FriendFeed: The Search Engine for Conversations FriendFeed has updated its search feature with added functionality. If you're not familiar, FriendFeed is a social aggregator that enables users to track activity on various social networks and social...

  2. Twitter Buys Summize?

    Why a FriendFeed post from Jason Calacanis of course! Summize is widely considered to be the best search engine for Twitter conversations. Twitter, the social media sensation, is rumored to buy Summize, the Twitter search engine.

  3. Will FriendFeed Change the Face of Search?

    Earlier this year, I wrote about FriendFeed's new search feature and how it was a powerful tool for finding conversations about your brand. Now, Steve Rubel is weighing in on the discussion over the power of FriendFeed's search, saying it could...

  4. FriendFeed: The Search Engine for Conversations

    With FriendFeed, you can search conversations being had by the people who use social media the most. FriendFeed may be billing itself as an aggregator of social network sites, but its real power is in the newly introduced search feature.