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  1. Strategic solutions play into Credit Suisse's strengths

    Conversations with several banks left the fund unable to find counterparty willing to take on the risk at an acceptable price. Credit Suisse wins structured funds house award In the face of low interest rates and depressed volatility, Credit Suisse...

  2. Negative Eonia splits US and EU banks, traders and lawyers

    It was easy to imagine the conversations between US collateral receivers and European posters during those weeks. Collateral posters should pay when rates are negative, US banks believe During September and October, as Eonia dipped in and out of...

  3. Conflict of interest: banks call for unity on Eonia

    The coming weeks could see these conversations spilling into the mainstream – from the minority of CSAs where interest is expressed as a spread to Eonia, to all regular CSAs. Traders fear swap market will be split by 0% floor disputes

  4. [#SESDENVER] Mapping Behavior Lets Advertisers Predict the Future

    Tools that optimize social graphs to target specific needs of potential customers allow advertisers to have more efficient conversations with consumers by offering solutions that anticipate demand. Better tools for mapping mobile behavior based on...

  5. The Challenge of Enterprise Link-Building in a Content Marketing World

    This is why it's so important for corporate bloggers to participate on other blogs and involve themselves in meaningful industry conversations outside of their own site. It's been pretty clear to most SEO professionals for a long time, even before...

  6. How to Optimize Your Content Strategy With Social Listening

    You also can look at trending information to understand what types of conversations occur most frequently. Continuing with the yoga theme, if your business happens to sell yoga equipment, you can easily see there are significant conversations...

  7. PR for SEO: Advanced Social Media Tips to Engage With Media Influencers

    Engage with them by retweeting their content, complimenting their work, and contributing to conversations in a meaningful way. This will allow you to start conversations based on these interests, making breaking the ice much more effective and easy.