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  1. Search Engines & Opinions: Just How Trustworthy Are Search Results?

    Many SEM firms offer services around this topic. SERM, or search engine reputation management, implies that there is a way to control your branded search results to keep away negative results. However, the traffic isn’t nearly as powerful as the...

  2. Pricing Models for the Small SEM Shop

    Asking about prior SEM engagements/commitments (a company with more than three prior SEM firms might be considered a red flag & require further investigation). This can make small firms more dependent on strong client relationships.

  3. Hiring SEM Firms, Dealing With Clients & The Need For Communication

    There's been a variety of articles over the past few weeks on hiring SEM firms -- as well how SEM firms can deal with clients and why everyone need to talk to each other better. An SEM firm can't necessarily guarantee that some of the traffic...

  4. MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search Officially Launches

    Internet search firms target music business. Microsoft has significantly beefed up the degree of control you have over desktop search, both in the initial set up process and in the desktop search options.