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  1. Google Shopping: Why PLAs Aren't So Bad for Merchants

    But merchants have a huge advantage with the new Google Shopping in terms of control. What this means for you is that while you have much more control on PLAs with bidding, that isn't the only element which determines where ads show up.

  2. How a Preview Image Increased a Landing Page's Conversion Rate by 359%

    Test Group and Split: Since the landing page without the preview image existed before the test, it was used as the Control group and ran an uneven test (70/30 split) favoring the control group. The Treatment Page, the landing page with the preview...

  3. The Art of Winning on AdWords - Lessons from Moneyball

    Select the campaign you want to clone from the list, and right-click (or control- or command-click) and choose “Copy” from the contextual menu. As described in Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball”, Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane fielded the...

  4. Claim Your SERP Real Estate With Google's Product Extension Ads

    I just discovered this week that you can include URL parameters in your Google Merchant Center product feed that will give you control over how your products interact with your AdWords ads. Head over to the Ad Extensions tab and select Product...