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Continuous Improvement

  1. Clear and present danger

    I think it needs to be embedded throughout a business and in continuous operation, but I endorse the effort and wish them well. I’ve argued for making operational risk management a risk discipline rather than ‘just’ a control/compliance discipline...

  2. Beyond AMA approval

    Anderson attaches prime importance to the continuous improvement of his team and of the processes in place to analyse accurately the risk profile of the business. In January last year, French bank Societe Generale was sent reeling after revelations...

  3. 3 CEOs with 3 Strategies for SEO Success

    As is the case with most savvy companies, Darrow understands that SEM requires continuous improvement. In the last few weeks, Search Engine WarGames has looked at how Bankrate's CEO invested in search engine optimization to bolster revenues and...

  4. Great Expectations

    The UK's venerable Continuous Mortality Investigation Bureau (CMIB) used to publish standardised mortality improvement projections, but in 2006 it abandoned this approach and started publishing a library of projection models.