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Contextual Targeting Tool

  1. How Will Enhanced Campaigns Affect AdWords' Conversion Optimizer?

    Conversion Optimizer automatically accounts for the contextual signals that bid adjustments are meant to control…" The only exception here is that if you institute a -100% bid multiplier for mobile devices – then CO, like all other factors, won't...

  2. How to Use QR Codes for Better Conversion Rates

    Provide contextual assistance (How-to steps, link to get a reader app, call-to-action, barcode link or SMS alternative, etc. QR Codes as a Conversion Tool Leverage this targeting opportunity and post periodic product-specific messages to entice...

  3. Personalized e-Commerce Sites Can Increase Conversions by 70%

    Using advertiser-selected keywords, Google's contextual targeting technology matches ads to web pages in its content network that are most relevant to a specific type of business. Some of this can be attributed to everyone's use of the web as a...

  4. SearchDay | SEO Dreams are Made of This

    Chitika Sees 200% Growth in Premium Ads for 2008 Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 18, 2008 Contextual advertising network Chitika has announced that their Premium Ads product has seen 200% growth in 2008.