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  2. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Can [VENDOR NAME] import local relevant data into its interface from our website analytics provider? How does [VENDOR NAME] handle publishing content in multiple languages? Local Content How is the local content created and where is it stored?

  3. Kiss Your Ads Goodbye: How Net Neutrality May Impact Content & Advertising

    It is important we understand how proposed rules could impact every household, content provider and advertiser in the U.S. However, proposed rules could directly impact the distribution of content, as well as the effectiveness of online advertising...

  4. The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Search: An SEO Opportunity

    For instance, if you write "Brand X isn't the worst provider of widgets in the market,'d wisely be concerned about whether the Google algorithms would include "isn't" as a modifier of "worst provider in the market" (typically, they...

  5. 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

    The service provider report is a good place to start your investigation when trying to isolate odd activity on your website within your Google Analytics profile. How to Use this Segment: Start by applying all three segments to any of your favorite...

  6. What You Can Learn From Google Analytics Mobile Reports

    Service Provider This report is like the Service Provider report under Technology, but purely showing the data for mobile visits. The poor desktop is getting dusty in the corner while everyone finds more portable and shinier ways to access online...

  7. Mobile SEO: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Brand's Content is Optimized

    If you're thinking of starting an SEO or content marketing strategy, be sure to ask the service provider how they are going to account for the trends in mobile organic search behavior, and how they are going to measure discoverability and...