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  1. 7 New YouTube Features for Partners, Content Creators You Might Have Missed

    Then, the YouTube team updated its partner eligibility requirements across 20 countries where the Partner Program had been launched. Program related videos for viewers: Help viewers watch more of your videos by placing them in a series playlist.

  2. Online Video Trends in 2011: From YouTube Mobile to Major Redesign

    YouTube Promoted Videos Program Tops 1 Billion Views YouTube announced that more than 1 billion video views had been delivered to advertisers via the Promoted Videos program. The program, which was initially called Sponsored Videos, was launched on...

  3. Google–British Library Partnership to Digitize 250,000 Books

    The Google Books project has scanned over 12 million books, largely thanks to the 40-plus libraries in its Library Projects Partner program. There are now more than forty library partners in Google's program.

  4. YouTube will Move Right Along as Though Nothing had Happened

    Before that, he was Vice President of Product Management for Google's advertising and monetisation products, including the AdWords program, which he defined with a small engineering team. Will Kamangar make any changes that impact YouTube Partners...