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  1. The Search Agency Launches Local Search Campaign Management Platform

    Introduced today, AdMax Local is a fully automated platform that enables resellers of paid search in the United States to price, build, manage, optimize, and report on hyper-local search campaigns for multiple businesses.

  2. 15 Ways to Make Small Budget Content Creation & Marketing Work

    Create content of relevance for your community and seed to hyper local bloggers and print news outlets. Opinion is something we aren't yet that great at online and it’s a real opportunity in your niche as people will come back to it and interact...

  3. Local Search Listings: Most Relevant Search Results Regardless of Medium

    The organic web results section still has a respectable amount of relevance and trustworthiness, primarily due to the vertical or hyper-local nature of some search sites, but may be suffering from the fact that savvy local search consumers know...

  4. Boston Globe Adopts Open-Source Neighborhood News Mapping Platform OpenBlock

    The outcome was rather positive, as aggregated "hyper-local" civic data was well used and accessed by citizens needing and wanting information on their immediate surroundings. The OpenBlock project stems from, a $1 million experiment...

  5. Of Local Search, Love Meters, and Raking Leaves

    Local product data provider Krillion announced it will distribute ads and product inventory content across's hyper-local news network (claims 16 million unique visitors). The week started out with the release of WebVisible and Nielsen's...

  6. is Fastest Growing Search Site

    Hyper-local search site is the fastest growing search site, according to Quantcast. Ben Saren, CEO of, says this growth proves that consumers are finding the value of using a true hyper-local search site.

  7. Taking the Offline Business Online

    If you're living in a hyper, fast-paced world, then maybe selling online shouldn’t be your goal. Some ideas I really like for local businesses using Web sites would be to promote "Online order & delivery" or "online order & pickup.