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  1. 5 Googley SEO Terms – Do They Mean What You Think They Mean?

    So duplicate content is just taking the words from one page to another, and then Google sees this and filters out one of the results, right? Robots.txt won't prevent the URL from being indexed, just the page content.

  2. 3 Ways Merging Google AdWords & Analytics Can Improve PPC Results

    Customize the paid search report to each unique account by adding different metric groups or filters. To analyze user behavior and how the user interacts with the website, examine the bounce rate, pages per visit, and average visit duration, which...

  3. 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

    This segment filters out greater than 80 percent of the traffic to your site and allows you to review long tail service providers with ease. This handy segment filters for a variety of mobile devices by applying a regular expression to the screen...