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  1. 7 Tips to Start Making Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

    When making first contact with someone who may not know you, find a hook. Based on your profile preferences and connections, LinkedIn has a list of “Groups You May Like” that can be accessed directly from the “Groups” tab within LinkedIn.

  2. Google, Facebook Briefly Caught in Danish Child Porn Filter

    The message read, “The National High Tech Crime Center of the Danish National Police [NITEC], who assist in investigations into crime on the internet, has informed Siminn Denmark A/S, that the internet page which your browser has tried to get in...

  3. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    Editors are continuously adding phone numbers and other available contact information for each company. One of my biggest concerns under SOPA is that it would create a private cause of action for anyone who might feel that their copyright has been...

  4. Search Industry Call to Arms: SOPA, Keyword Not Provided and Lying SEOs

    Essex suggests you should contact Google as well as the mainstream media to raise awareness. Koozai’s Online Marketing Manager has put together a wish list of items he wants the community to take action on, some of which, like stopping SOPA, are...