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Consumer Sentiment

  1. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    Hashtags are extremely useful in identifying the frequency and reach of topics, discussions, and tapping into audience sentiment. This hashtag has since become a case study of what can go wrong with hashtags and kept alive by consumer tweets using...

  2. Leverage Twitter's Influence To Work For Your Brand

    This means that your opportunities to leverage positive consumer sentiment by getting positive, sticky language in front of your target audience only takes a few seconds. a single piece of content can have major consequences for the companies...

  3. Avoiding the SEO 'Fiscal Cliff' – Justifying Investment With Metrics that Matter

    With 2013 upon us, and a fiscal meltdown promised by both sides of the political spectrum, many brands have been looking at tightening belts and wallets during the first quarter as they play a waiting game on consumer sentiment and spending.

  4. Consumers Spend 20-30% of Time Online in Social; Ad Tolerance Improving [Study]

    Sheryl Sandberg told Q3 2012 earnings call investors they are testing and monitoring user engagement and sentiment carefully. Consumer attitudes towards advertising on social media are still evolving,” noted Deirdre Bannon, Nielsen’s social media...

  5. Enterprise SEO Update: Rosetta, Covario, Optify & More

    Contrary to the overwhelming sentiment that Penguin is a heartless site destroyer, digital and direct interactive agency Rosetta published a case study and series of insights demonstrating a positive effect on site rankings they attribute to it.

  6. Smarter Marketing and the Weak Link In Its Success

    This too is a form of smarter marketing – using data, analytics, and alerting to identify everything from consumer responses to media channel (display ads ads, improvements or degradations in competitors search rankings, changes in...