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  1. New BloomReach Tool SNAP Personalizes Site Search, Navigation for Shoppers

    If site experience – search, navigation and personalization – relies on tagging, rules and a collection of disjointed widgets, businesses miss opportunity at best and possibly damage their brands.BloomReach SNAP understands your customers...

  2. BloomReach Helps Retailers Deliver Personalized Content to Mobile Shoppers

    Once a product category is chosen, BloomReach Mobile shows relevant products based on consumer intent. BloomReach continuously learns, so if the consumer doesn't engage with those optimizations, they'll simply fade away," she added.

  3. BloomReach Adds 4 New Metrics to Measure Page Quality

    If you're not familiar with BloomReach's other offerings, it includes technology that interprets consumer demand ( volume, activity on the sites, purchase data, activity on the web, and other factors) and optimizes pages using existing...

  4. BloomReach Incorporates Real-Time Freshness For E-Commerce Optimization

    Just a few months after their official launch, big data cloud marketing platform BloomReach has introduced a major improvement to their Web Relevance Engine (WRE), the technology that drives their search and social optimization products.

  5. BloomReach Marketing Platform Aims to Expose Your Best Content in Organic Search & Social

    Cloud marketing platform BloomReach has just announced their official launch, after three years operating under the radar out of Mountain View, California. Using a series of widgets, BloomReach accomplishes some pretty incredible things for web...