SEO News


  1. How to Build Your First Content Marketing Strategy

    A web designer, for example, would probably consider features such as brand consultation, requirements analysis, design mock-ups, reviews and changes, and the final product. Google's recent Penguin algorithm updates have forced many business owners...

  2. Tips for Marketing a Sales Call & Free Sample

    The sales consultation is fairly straightforward: fill out this form and we’ll get in touch and try to sell you stuff. The truth is, a great sales consultation can be exhausting. While hopefully your sales consultation would be, in fact, a...

  3. Google Won't Pause New Privacy Policy - Should They Have To?

    Should a period of public consultation be a requirement for changes of a certain nature when made by a public company, or when those changes affect issues like privacy? Questions over Google’s new privacy policy continue despite their best efforts...

  4. Google & Recyclebank Set Earth Day Challenge to 'Green' Your Social Graph

    This year's grand prize includes energy star household appliances and a free consultation to green the winners' home. Recycle Banks has teamed up with Google to test game mechanics as a way of empowering consumers to go green, while spring cleaning...

  5. The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 4: Action, Part 1

    Often, the ultimate conversion action is actually offline, and the intermediate online step is simply designed to pass the visitor on to a live person on the telephone, to schedule a callback, or to arrange for a subsequent face-to-face...

  6. Performance Management for SEO Teams

    Technical engineers and strategists need to have an understanding of coding in order to provide solid advice, but a team allows for a single point person primarily charged with providing SEO technical consultation.

  7. Implementation is the Name of the Game

    I went over my recommendations with them for about an hour (I charge about $500/hour for consultation). This is where we actually make the recommended changes to the Web site. It's also where way too many SEO projects go wrong.