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  1. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    However, it cannot be any of those things, by sheer nature of its construction. So now what? Those who follow me, read me, or conference with me, already know what these five letters mean, but just in case let’s review the NSTIC, what it means and...

  2. Semantic Search: The Eagle Has Landed

    Construction is a LocalBusiness with an AggregateRating that has a specific ContactPoint. Just for the sake of comparison, consider a query for the LocalBusiness, “Joel and Co Construction. Google has inferred that “Joel and Co Construction” is...

  3. Google Expands Global Presence in Asia, London, Dublin

    Google has yet to release further details of the Asia-Pacific centers, including the purchase figures and the expected dates of construction. While construction dates haven't been announced for the Dublin data center, the contractor bidding process...

  4. SEO Wars: Forget Black Hat, White Hat - What Color Is Your Lightsaber?

    Technically, the crystal used in construction of a lightsaber determines its color. SEO is a powerful force that can be wielded to dictate the prominent content placement in search results, potentially driving countless visitors to websites.