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Conspiracy Theory

  1. Should SEOs Prepare for the End of Google as We Know It?

    I’m not usually one for a conspiracy theory, unless it’s contained within a decent yarn like “The Da Vinci Code”, but over the last year in particular, I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Google wants to get rid of natural search results – to...

  2. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Google 2008 Review

    I suggested another more sinister possibility, in my own blog, where Google knew what it was doing, but perhaps that was a mere conspiracy theory. 2008 has been an up and down year for Google. From their stock price to the various products they...

  3. Is Microsoft Buying Yahoo For Overture's PPC Patents?

    Between his article which clarifies much of Usman Latif's posts on the topic as well as Latif's own detailed post from 2005 when Google fired the employee for blogging - shows a very good conspiracy and Machivellian business theory.

  4. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    For his part, Brandt's involvement in theorizing about (and sometimes participating in) conspiracy theories long predates Google; in one instance, he picks up on small mentions in Bill Clinton's inaugural address from 1992, enlarging them into a...