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  1. Mobile Site Migration Planning: Rolling Your M-Dot Into Your .Com

    Remember, if you want a separate, unique experience that incorporates your existing desktop experience, but is specific to mobile users….then, you may not want to do this consolidation. The mobile mind shift has created a paradigm in which the...

  2. Zuckerberg and ClickZ Live New York: There's a Keynote Combination

    In a recent interview, ClickZ Live publisher, Mike Grehan said: "Over the past few years SES Conference s basically less of a rebrand and more of a merging and consolidation of two premium brands to better serve our audience both online and in...

  3. Search Ads Account for 52.8% of World’s Mobile Ad Revenue in 2012

    Key factors for the impressive increase in mobile advertising revenue are rising smartphone adoption/3G and 4G penetration, more time spent on mobile devices and better advertising monetization through targeting ad inventory consolidation.

  4. 6 Predictions for 2013: Search Marketing & Big Data Analytics

    At the same time, the search ecosystem will continue to change rapidly – a new search solution from Facebook, changing guidelines and algorithms from Google, further consolidation of product search by Amazon, or more meaningful market penetration...

  5. Government SEO is Broken

    The federal government, under the leadership of President Obama and Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel, has launched a wide-ranging rethinking and consolidation of federal websites, domains, and databases.

  6. How to Expand Your Display Network Targeting Using Remarketing Information

    In our example campaign, we’re promoting credit consolidation services. To do this, start by learning what websites your audience visits regularly (aside from your own), and how you can place your ads on similar websites.