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  1. How to Create a Social Media Friendly Landing Page

    Save the Like, +1, Pin It, and other social media buttons for the confirmation page. Community managers can create great little posts that entice and pique the curiosity of friends and fans. We demonstrate every day that we can drive traffic from...

  2. Big Data = Big Trouble: How to Avoid 5 Data Analysis Pitfalls

    Confirmation Bias I first heard the term big data about two years ago, when IBM and HP started running big data print ads as a conditioning tactic to prepare the marketplace for its (then) soon-to-be widespread use (an SEO tactic reserved only for...

  3. In Search for New Pope, Vatican Embraced Twitter, Facebook & Google

    The keyword "pope twitter" boasts almost 2.7 billion results, which rose from a lesser 69.7 million results at the end of February, leading to the confirmation that since the Argentian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio became pope, Internet dialogue...

  4. How to Spot Bad Data Within Your PPC Campaigns & What to do About It

    Usually someone on the development team is making changes to a confirmation page that have nothing to do with a tracking pixel, but somehow the code disappears. Optimizing PPC campaigns with faulty data is like driving with an upside down map.