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  1. How to Check the Status of Google Penguin Link Removals Using Screaming Frog or Deep Crawl

    But since this is cloud-based, and the heavy lifting will be completed by Deep Crawl's servers, you don't have to shy away from large numbers of URLs to test. For situations like this, your list of unnatural links might strain Screaming Frog (and...

  2. Google Unveils Dart to Compete with JavaScript in All Browsers

    Make Dart appropriate for the full range of devices on the web—including phones, tablets, laptops, and servers. Client-side Web programming refers to actions that happen in the browser using the Web surfer's computer to process the code.

  3. 5 Black Hat Attack Vulnerabilities & Defensive Strategies

    Most people think hacking attacks are all about computer system issues, but hacking can be a physical breach into your server location and a removal of those servers. I know of one travel tour company here in Las Vegas years ago that had that very...

  4. The Bitter Harvest: The Redzone Saga Continues (Linden Lab Has a Problem on Its Hands)

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