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  1. How to Solicit Feedback from Prospects and Customers

    If he were miserable, he would have written to complain. People Will Complain Often, our customers don't complain simply because they don't believe they'll be heard or taken seriously: "Why bother? My wife and I are just waking up in a small bed...

  2. 10 Outrageous Social Media Predictions for 2014

    Apple will complain to the FTC, which in return will block the deal, stating that it violates the Antitrust Act. I love it. I sit in a room with some colleagues and brainstorm on what we think will happen next year and then I go to my crystal ball...

  3. Google Maps 'Doctor Who' Easter Egg Lets You Explore TARDIS

    Decor is too modern for my taste but certainly can't complain about how interesting everything is. If you're a big fan of "Doctor Who", you'll love the new Google Maps Easter egg. When you go to the address of the Police Telephone Box – a.k.a.

  4. Fortune 500 Social Media: 77% Active on Twitter; 70% on Facebook

    This really isn't shocking when you consider that many people take to social media, particularly Facebook, to complain about their cell phone or Internet company. It's been no secret that some Fortune 500 companies are a little behind the times...