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Competitive Market Intelligence

  1. How to Create an Effective PPC Competitive Intelligence Report in 3 Easy Steps

    Running competitive intelligence reports at regular intervals can be incredibly powerful in helping guide your own strategies. Enter the competitive intelligence report. Raise your hand if you’ve seen your costs slowly but steadily increasing over...

  2. New Competitive Facebook Reporting Tool Available

    The tool offers competitive intelligence on ads running on Facebook by domain, keyword, and also top ads on Facebook. SEMrush describes the tool as more comprehensive than others on the market that are “only be able to provide details of likes and...

  3. Getting Ahead Of The Competition - An 8 Step Approach Using Share Of Voice

    There are several ways to look at competitive intelligence. I like to think of the opportunity aspect of competitive intelligence as consisting of: Let’s then look at how to harness this technology to win in SEO through competitive intelligence.

  4. Running Lean With AdWords

    AdWords is still one of the best ways to gather predictive market intelligence before rolling the dice on a launch. Market Intelligence Through AdWords? Let’s say you want to enter the men’s blue jeans market, but you aren’t sure what type of...

  5. Paid & Subscription-Based Keyword Research Tools

    Experian Hitwise's Search Intelligence tool provides organic and paid search insights powered by consumer search behavior. Misspelled keywords can help to find pockets of opportunity in a saturated market and a potential advantage over competition.

  6. Experian Hitwise Launches Internet Measurement Service for India

    In a press release, Navin Chandani, Managing Director of Experian Marketing Services in India, said: "India has the fourth largest Internet population in the world and one that is growing rapidly and Experian Hitwise will provide marketers with...