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Competing On Value

  1. SEC gives green light to Eaton Vance’s active ETMFs

    An indicative value will be published every 15 minutes intraday to ensure investors have a rough understanding of how much the final NAV will be. Investors will buy and sell stock around the next-determined daily net asset value (NAV).

  2. 49% of U.K. Consumers Use Organic Search to Find Online Retailers [Study]

    So do retailers in the U.K.then see the value in making online shopping more personalized? But they have a lot of work to do – especially when competing with retail giant Amazon, the study suggests, as four out of five U.K.consumers believe Amazon...

  3. Old Sites vs. New Sites: Which Will Win in SEO?

    As you can see in the acquisition timing (grey line) from social media and viral links, their respective ranking effect timelines (blue and pink) show a short ranking peak and little remaining value. If you represent a new brand, use these benefits...

  4. The Social CEO: 6 Reasons Why the CEO Must Lead the Way

    Because CEOs operate on a different level, it is imperative that the value proposition be based on impact to the bottom line. The CEO does not understand how vital social is to competing in today's digital economy.

  5. How to Introduce a Politics-Free Prioritization Model for Analytics Reporting

    Weighing competing priorities by some kind of scoring criteria can be done many ways, but many practices seek some sense of monetary value for each request. Allocate Business Value to Each Request Most leaders in the industry will look for a...

  6. Video, Journalists & PR: 3 Keys to Local Small Business Marketing #Pubcon

    The main thing you have to remember though is that it’s not about your audience, it’s about how you can provide value and entertain their audience. Competing with the big names, giant retailers, and pop up chains can be a tall measure for any small...

  7. SEO Tactics for App Stores, Mobile App Website Pages & Local Markets

    Linking between the app store and the website boosts the app’s SEO value and also confirms that the app is authentic, not an imposter. If there is no one best fit, choose the category that best fits the app’s purpose but also contains the least...