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  1. Beware of Red Flags When Searching for SEO or Web Dev Services

    Sure, I always have time for some website tech-talk. The impromptu mockup you’ve put together with Photoshop (I know, you have learned it along the way and become quite dandy at basic functions of the cool Adobe software) looks great and now...

  2. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    For their part, Microsoft has been working with others in the tech industry and in Washington to try to bring about changes in the current draft of the legislation before it is again sent for markup in February.

  3. Getting Creative With Your Facebook Ads: 5 Tricks to Boost CTR & Conversions

    This could be anyone from a prominent company executive who is also a thought leader in your space to a celebrity or a well-known person who has something to do with your topic, to a person your audience would be sure to recognize (i.e.if your...

  4. Audience Targeting Strategies for LinkedIn Ads

    According to an excellent presentation by Amodiovalerio Verde, the industries with the most active LinkedIn members include high tech, finance, manufacturing, and medical: For example, let’s say you are advertising software that is geared toward...