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Community Search Microsoft Deal

  1. World IPv6 Launch: What it Means for Content Owners & SEO

    That said, the growth of any new technology presents a challenge to the security community as they adapt the new space and possible attack vectors. No additional risks from spammers are currently being seen although Baidu has built a separate load...

  2. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - April 6, 2011

    Sprint's HTC EVO View 4G to Ship Running Honeycomb - Android Community Google Domain Acquisitions Indicate Possible Future Products, Deal Advisor Service - Bill Hartzer Microsoft rival to Google Street View set for German launch - Deutsche Welle

  3. SearchDay: SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    acquisition deal fell through, many have wondered what Microsoft will do to make headway in the search market. Associated Press Wants To Set Rules For Blog Usage Posted by Frank Watson Jun 17, 2008 Seems the Associated Press wants to meet with...

  4. Yahoo Search Toolbar to be Bundled with InstallShield

    Just days after Microsoft announced a Live Search toolbar distribution deal with HP, Yahoo has announced a toolbar distribution deal of its own. Toolbar and become the starting point for InstallShield's global community," said Vish Makhijani...

  5. Yahoo Rejects Microsoft: Worst Decision Ever?

    Yahoo is so much more than a search engine, like I said a few weeks ago, and the power of the community continues to be largely ignored by many of the pundits writing about this subject. I've enjoyed Yahoo's various community efforts over the years.

  6. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    adCenter Cooks Up a New Community SiteThe new is fresh out of the oven and it is a new PPC cake with Social Media icing. The way to approach customers, close the deal, and structure the payment terms must all be considered in...