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Common Mistakes

  1. 2 Essential Pivot Table Skills for Marketers: Summarizing Data and Calculated Fields

    This is how you get innocent mistakes in your data. There are several ways to summarize your data, but "Sum" and "Count" are most common in digital marketing. Here are some examples of common calculations you'll make in digital marketing:

  2. Google SERPs Updates: In-Depth Articles & Knowledge Graph Results for Car Shoppers

    You can help our algorithms understand your pages better by following these recommendations: use article markup, provide authorship markup, rel=next and rel=prev for paginated articles (also watch out for common rel=canonical mistakes...

  3. Gamification in Marketing: Lessons from the Khan Academy Website

    Mistakes get round yellow sad faces, but you still have to get the answer right before progressing to the next problem. The most common is feedback about the visitor’s success or failure in completing each field of the form.