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Common Mistakes

  1. Top 10 Skills That Separate Real UX Designers from Wannabes

    Most websites make many classic mistakes that have become de facto standards simply by virtue of everybody making the same mistakes. Seasoned UX veterans have plenty of examples of how they have optimized common processes.

  2. Mobile Implementation Errors Cost Sites 68% of Organic Smartphone Traffic [Study]

    For separate mobile URLs, there are a handful of common mistakes made in implementation," the report said. BrightEdge research showed that no HTTP Vary header was a common mistake amongst two approaches: dynamic serving (82 percent) and separate...

  3. 2 Essential Pivot Table Skills for Marketers: Summarizing Data and Calculated Fields

    This is how you get innocent mistakes in your data. There are several ways to summarize your data, but "Sum" and "Count" are most common in digital marketing. Here are some examples of common calculations you'll make in digital marketing:

  4. Google SERPs Updates: In-Depth Articles & Knowledge Graph Results for Car Shoppers

    You can help our algorithms understand your pages better by following these recommendations: use article markup, provide authorship markup, rel=next and rel=prev for paginated articles (also watch out for common rel=canonical mistakes...