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  1. How Vine Has Changed the Video Landscape in Just 12 Months

    The most recent post is the Super Bowl Special, which showcased these three Vines: From the Super Bowl to the Winter Olympics and then the World Cup in Brazil, the opportunity for advertisers to follow the fans and engage in a global conversation...

  2. Can You Build Buzz Like Brands Advertising in the Super Bowl?

    Twitter also dominates the conversation at this point with 70 percent of total mentions of "Super Bowl Ads" across the web, which explains why every one of the teased ads includes a hashtag; however, none of the pre-released ads hashtags have yet...

  3. The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials Just Kicked Off

    The most shared ad of all time is a Super Bowl ad – "The Force - Volkswagen Commercial" (5.2 million shares). The average share rate (the percentage of viewers who also shared the ads) of Super Bowl ads nearly doubled between 2012 and 2013.

  4. GEICO Hump Day Commercial Dominates Social Video, At Least on Wednesdays

    Although Entertainment once again took top spot as the most shared sector, CPG/FMCG also performed well, growing shares by +10.3 percent, from a very strong base that was boosted by Super Bowl sharing in Q1 2013 (+78.2% from Q4 2012).

  5. Optimizing Second Screen Engagement: Lessons for Brands From Twitter

    Fifty percent of Super Bowl ads this year used hashtags. Each replay included a short 5-7 second commercial just before the replay. He went beyond talking about social being the second screen experience and started off with a bang saying Twitter is...

  6. 75% of Most Shared Super Bowl 2012 Video Ads Launched Before Super Sunday

    For example, the playbook reveals that three-quarters of the top 20 ads from Super Bowl 2012 were launched online before the big game. The insights include: percent of the top 20 most shared ads from Super Bowl 2012 were launched before Super Sunday.

  7. Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show Tops Google Searches [Infographic]

    Best Super Bowl 2012 Ads Put New Plays into YouTube Creator Playbook Forty-one percent of searches related to Super Bowl ads that were made during the big game came from mobile devices. Super Bowl ads or ad teasers were watched more than 30 million...

  8. Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning: Brady Searches Top Google, Yahoo

    Other hot searches included “funny Super Bowl commercials,” “cost of Super Bowl commercials,” “top 10 Super Bowl commercials,” “Super Bowl commercial transcripts,” and “new Super Bowl commercials. For the gamblers, “Super Bowl points spread” spiked...