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  1. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    How are the locations pages optimized for search engine performance? What type of reporting for social media does [VENDOR NAME] offer? Social Media Post to news streams? Do I need to set up the social media profiles for each location or will...

  2. Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

    A departure from his usual social media and digital flight pattern, Scott's "Marketing the Moon" tells the story of how NASA not only put the first man on the moon, but pioneered the use of brand journalism, product placement, and real-time...

  3. The Google+ Controversy & Virtual Worlds – A Question Of Identity

    Last Friday afternoon, I had a short exchange on Twitter with Ciaran Laval, in which I mentioned I wasn't writing a column because it had been a slow news week and nothing had happened that warranted the usual 1,500 or so words I type in this space.

  4. SEO's Achilles' Heel: The Misdirected Attack on Search Engine Optimizers

    Before I go on, let me stop and say a couple of more important things: Aol, Aol Acquires Huffington Post, Aol Buys Huffington Post, Aol Buys Huffpo, Aol Huffington Post, Huffington Post, Huffington Post Aol, Huffington Post Aol Merger, Huffington...

  5. Bing Social Recommends Twitterers; Paid Search Roundup; Google Transparency Report & More Search News

    Get the latest search marketing news delivered to your inbox. Yandex Adds Image, Video Search To Global Search Engine -Search Engine Land So a Bing search for [search engine] returns @SEWatch as influential.

  6. David Meerman Scott on The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    David is a noted marketing strategist and author of the award-winning BusinessWeek best-selling book The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to use news releases, blogs, viral marketing and online media to reach buyers directly and the hit book...

  7. 2010 Search Predictions: The Experts Weigh In

    Craig Greenfield, Vice President of Search and Performance Media for Performics Alex Chitu at Google Operating System blog, Google's search engine will group related results. The leading search engine advertising platforms have failed in providing...