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  1. U.S. Holiday Trends & Forecast: Top Shopping Days, Hot Searches, Mobile Shoppers

    Most U.S.searches for ‘Black Friday' this month have originated in Omaha, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Columbus, and Buffalo," Yahoo said. Even government shutdowns can't put a damper on the consumer's plot to shop this holiday season.

  2. Google Offers Free WiFi in New York City

    The 36 different subway stations include Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle. Google Offers is teaming up with Boingo Wireless to offer free WiFi in more than 200 locations in New York City, the companies have announced.

  3. Go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for Nine Trainers Training

    As Columbus discovered, training the crews of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria how to sail west was a relatively straightforward task. During the past seven weeks, I've shared seven compelling reasons for going to either Search Engine Strategies...

  4. 18 U.S., 3 International Systems Added to Google Transit

    Central Ohio Transit Authority (Columbus, OH) Whether you live in or visit cities with transit systems, it's always good to know when and where the buses and trains are running. Google has been teaming up with transit systems across the country and...

  5. Leveraging Social Media to Educate

    Louis Columbus cries out to the telemarketing community on the need to dial in to social media. How can it help you educate potential clients or customers, or spread the word about your product or idea so that people are talking about it among...