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Color Green

  1. SEO Keyword Strategy for Fashion Ecommerce Websites: It’s All About Trends

    In short, Pantone influences designer and buyer choices that make it to market.s Pantone Color of the Year is emerald green. Runway and Color Trends - Translated to Consumer Language In addition to the runway recap, anyone supporting fashion should...

  2. Star Trek Google Doodle Boldly Goes Where No Doodle Has Gone Before

    Google has forgone the green "l," as green was not a uniform color. Trekkies and geeks worldwide will certainly rejoice at today's Google Doodle that celebrates the 46th anniversary of the original "Star Trek" TV series, which originally aired...

  3. Funny Flirting with Siri; The Apple of My iPhone

    Siri's favorite color seemed to be a reference to the Matrix film, a digital universe of green numbers simultaneously calculating different dimensions. Not being in possession of an iPhone 4S myself, I have been borrowing one from the Incisive US...

  4. Google Gumby Logo Honors Art Clokey's 90th Birthday

    The Gumby Google Doodle features a wooden block for the “G,” with clay balls following the Google color scheme sitting in a row, just waiting for you to click and bring them to life. Clicking on Gumby causes him to bounce into a square, then a...

  5. SEO Wars: Forget Black Hat, White Hat - What Color Is Your Lightsaber?

    Add this badge to your website or blog: a href="" target="_blank" title="SEO Wars: Jedi Consular - Green Lightsaber Badge">by Angie Schottmuller Published

  6. Goodzer Launch In-Store Product Search Map for New York City Shoppers

    The iPhone app has some neat features that distinguish it from the web site - one being that the map pins are color coded to denote whether an item is in-stock or not. Green means it is in stock, Red means it's out of stock and Grey means that a...

  7. Google Adds Color Filter to Image Search

    The screenshots below show: a general search for "bike" a general search for "bike" with color filter set to "green" a search for "green bike" with color filter set to "Show all colors" Google has added a handy color filter to its image search.