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  1. 5 Facebook Timeline Brand Page User Insights and Tips for Marketers [Study]

    They examined six different implementations of Timeline for brands, using American Express, Pizza Hut, Manchester United, Gap, Coldplay and Coca-Cola as examples. Users find some elements confusing, such as unexpanded apps and the “See More” breaks...

  2. Google Launches Music Store, Artist Hub, and More

    This includes Coldplay, Shakira, Pearl Jam, Busta Rhymes, the Rolling Stones, and the Dave Matthews Band. Google's "These Go to 11" press conference marked the official launch of the Google Music program for U.S.users, opened the door to Google's...

  3. Buys "Answer Extraction" Engine Brainboost for $4 Million in Cash and Some Shares of Restricted Stock

    Who are the members of Coldplay? Word from that they've acquired an "answer extraction" database that utilizes NLP (natural language processing), for $4 million in cash and 439,000 shares of restricted stock.