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Coffee Houses

  1. Yandex Geo-targeted Ads in Maps, Search Results Open for Business

    And here's a search for [coffee houses] near [Nevsky Prospekt] in Saint Petersburg. Russian search engine Yandex has introduced geo-targeted ads to its business directory. Based on what users are searching for, Yandex will highlight the location of...

  2. Don't Overlook Local Search Opportunities

    This means understanding local search behavior whether it is "New York City coffee shops" or "Greenwich Village coffee houses"; or "Minneapolis tailors" or "Twin Cities alterations. I wasn't always in SEO.

  3. Google & Yahoo Make List of Top Growth Brands; What the Public Envisions for These Companies

    Coffee Houses Perhaps, we'll be able to do Yahoo banking while sipping a latte at the Yahoo coffee house around the corner. Forbes and Vivaldi Partners have just published their list of the 20 brands that, "have the best extension opportunities...