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Codes Tracking

  1. Combining Social & Content to Earn Visibility & Earn $$$

    You have to track EVERYTHING, put tracking codes on every piece of information you send out, so that you can differentiate every campaign across every different channel you use. This ensures that there are no surprises for anyone in the room, and...

  2. Google Analytics Adds Mobile Capabilities to Tag Manager

    All of your tracking codes can be edited and fine tuned right from the Tag Manager Web interface. From social sharing buttons to analytics tracking code and everywhere in between, Google Tag Manager helped you organize them all in one web-based...

  3. Google Catalogs Annotations: How to Enrich the Consumer Experience & Track Results

    Q: Are the tracking codes that were added in the Google Catalogs Settings added to all the annotations or just to product annotations? Stripping then reading codes Google Catalogs allows publishers to amend codes to the product annotation link URLs.