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  1. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    This prompted doomsday reports and headlines such as CNET’s, Ad executive bashes Facebook advertising. The type of information the BBC reported is a prime example of the kind of harmful anecdotal story that winds its way through the digital world...

  2. Average Viewer Watched 23.2 Hours of Online Video Content in December

    Greg Sandoval of CNET News reports that YouTube is in talks with at least three of the four top record companies about renewing the video service's music licenses. And as reported above, VEVO had 53.7 million as of December 2011.

  3. Google Mobile News Roundup: Android Security, Avoid Traffic, Emergency Numbers & More

    The Android Market security update they pushed out, however, has shown up with suspicious code in a repackaged version on an unregulated third-party Chinese marketplace, CNET reported. Following the DroidDream Android malware scare, Google...