SEO News


  1. Yahoo Beats Out Google to Become Mozilla’s Default U.S. Search Engine

    Big changes are coming to Mozilla, as Google will no longer be the global default search provider for the Firefox browser anymore. Instead, Yahoo will become the default option in the browser for the next five years, under a new...

  2. Search Top Priority Among SMBs [Study]

    In an effort to determine the priorities of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for the coming year, BIA/Kelsey recently conducted a survey of SMBs that are known for investing more than typical SMBs on advertising and marketing.

  3. Learning to Carry Your SEO Baggage

    Everybody’s got baggage. Everyone has things they carry with them from their past. The things we’ve done, for better or worse are what make us who we are now. Our websites are no different. There’s a quote from Steel Magnolias that I love where...

  4. Target Adds Product Search to App in Time for Black Friday

    Many Black Friday shoppers have already begun scouring preview flyers and formulating their plan for pushing, shoving, and sprinting their way to the items on their shopping lists. This year, Target has made the whole process much easier with the...